CNRWG introduces Natural resource management policies (draft)


Chinlad Natural Resource Watch Group (CNRWG) has introduced its Natural resource management policies (draft) in press conference at Majesty Hotel, Kalamyo on 22 October 2017.

“We need many viewpoints from many angles to have better policy for state. I believed that the viewpoints of civil societies are important, as civil society viewpoint can make good policy, that’s why we had arranged this conference, and we had been prepared this policy draft from 2013,” said U Lian Khan Thuam, director of CNRWG.

CNRWG will introduce Natural resource management policies (draft) with 10 Chapters to the concern Chin state authorities, members of parliaments and other civil societies in many different ways, he added.

The Kalamyo based CNRWG is established in 2012 and its main job are watching Chinland natural resources and other community works.


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