CNP welcomes peace talk process between CNF and state government


The Chin National Party (CNP) welcomed peace talks between the Chin National Front (CNF) and Chin state government. The peace talks will be held in January next year in Hakha, the capital of Chin state.

A meeting of the central committee of CNP was held on December 3 and 4 and the party meeting welcomed the CNF and state level peace talk process.

Following negotiations between the Burmese government and ethnic armed groups comprising the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), Karen National Union (KNU), Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and Chin National Front (CNF) on 19 November, the Burmese government and CNF agreed for peace talks in Hakha.

The peace talk process was welcomed by some Chin politicians abroad.

“We hope that there will be good results for our Chin people and their development,” said a town elder from Hakha.

The central committee meeting was held with around 30 party members including Party President, General Secretary and Hluttaw representative of CNP.

Besides, The CNP also drafted a resolution at the meeting to win the next administrator’s of blocks and village level election in the state, said Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, General Secretary of CNP.

“We drafted and passed a resolution and strategized to win all block and village level administrator’s posts in the next election in Chin state, because the law of state administrative posts is being completed by the central government and the President of the Union of Burma and will be signed as an election law. So we had to have a resolution on the election,” said Mr. Thawng.

Mr. Thawng told Khonumthung that the present administrative post at the village level of Chin state is held by the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) member of the central government and the local people are disappointed with the village administrator. People want to change their administrator early.

The CNP meeting discussed about opium cultivation in Tonzang Township, Most Chin people settled in abroad and to reduce poverty in the state.

The CNP was formed in 2010 and contested the Burmese general elections in Chin state and won nine constituencies. Khonumthung news


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