CNP welcomes move to open CNF Liaison office in Teddim


The move to open the Chin National Front’s (CNF) liaison office in Teddim town, northern Chin state has been welcomed by the Chin National Party (CNP), a political party which won nine seats in the 2010 Burmese general elections from Chin state.

A CNP statement on 31 January 2012 (letter no./ 1/2012) said that a resolution was passed at a meeting of all Teddim township CNP members led by Pu Zozam, the party President and the representative of state Hluttaw,  which welcomed the opening of the CNF’s liaison office in Teddim town.

“The resolution was opposed by some local people, but we do not want to oppose it at this juncture. Some people may have suffered, while some lost their lives in the revolution but this has happened in all ethnic regions of Burma, ” said Mr. Kam Za Dal, the President of Teddim Township CNP.

The CNP believes that the Chin people should unite and think of how to work together for the country at this juncture of transition to democracy in Burma instead of pursuing their grievances.

The Chin state government representatives and the CNF delegations agreed to open liaison offices of the CNF in Teddim, Than Tlang and Matupi towns of Chin state in January 2012. The agreement was warmly supported by Matupi and Than Tlang people.

“Cooperation between the government and the CNF is very important for peace. So, we are waiting for the opening of a CNF office and we want to meet our sons and daughters involved in the revolutionary movement,” said a town elder from Matupi. Khonumthung news


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