CNP urges withdrawal of Pagoda construction proposal in Chin state


The Chin National Party (CNP) has urged the Chin state government to withdraw the proposal to build a Pagoda near Hakha town in Chin state, Burma as the decision was taken following a voting system in the Chin state assembly between 24 and 26 January, against the constitution. The demand to cancel the Pagoda project was made in the first week of April.This apart, the CNP has demanded the discontinuation of the General Administrator from the ruling party in the state government along with the cancelation of the project to build a Pagoda, which has decided by a voting system.

Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, General Secretary of the CNP said, “We have learnt that the state government has asked U Aung Myo Htay, the state’s General Administrator to vote for the Pagoda, but that is not in accordance with the law, so we have requested the state government to cancel the project.”

Although there are 11 MPs in Chin state, regarding the building of the Pagoda, 12 votes were cast –7 votes from the ruling party and 5 votes from the opposition parties.

According to Article (248) of the Constitution and State or Region Law article (3)(a), the state and regional government should be formed by state or regional Chief Minister, Ministers and Law Ministers. State general administrator must act as “secretary” for the state government only.

Requisition letters have been sent to the President of Burma, Chairman of People’s Parliament, Chairman of National Parliament, Chairman of the State Constitution Affairs Bench, Chairman of Chin state Parliament. Other political parties were also given copies.  Khonumthung news


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