CNF’s foreign secretary meets Malaysia’s Chin community


Refugees of the Chin community in Malaysia were met by Salai Thla Hei, Secretary of the Foreign Department of the Chin National Front (CNF) in the last week of September.

Salai Thla Hei explained CNF’s policies and the current status of peace talks between the government of Burma and CNF to the Chin community in Malaysia.

“We plan to form CNF’s regional committee in Malaysia with representatives of various tribal communities and nine township representatives,” said Salai Thla Hei.

The regional committee will be set up with Asho, Mizo, Dai, Zotung, Mara, Lautu, Senthang, Zophei tribal communities and respective township representatives.

The organizing committee was formed by CNF to set up CNF’s regional committee in Malaysia.

Lalsiammawi, Coordinator (Than Tlang), Saya Johan, Assistant Coordinator (Mindat), Saya Pa Thang, Member (Matupi), Saya Williams, member ( Asho Chin), and Saya Van Cin Thawng, Member (Lautu) were selected CNF’s organizing committee members.

“We are under obligation to serve our country from where we are. We should support the CNF, which is fighting for human rights and self determination,” said Lal Siammawi.

Around 40,000 Chin refugees are staying in Malaysia. Meanwhile CNF’s regional committees were formed in 11 countries.


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