CNF will discuss base on the common interests at 21st Century Panglong Conference


Pu Thet Ni, general secretary (3) of Chin National Front (CNF) told Khonumthung News that CNF will mainly discuss the common interests of Chin people, which was discussed at National Level Political dialogue, for the Union Peace Conference 21st Century Panglong on 24-28 May 2017.

“Our discussion will be based on the common interests at National Level Political dialogue, and we got some points from UPDJC committee meeting too. We’ll discuss all those common interests to Panglong conference,” he said.

The representatives of Government, Parliament, Military and the Ethnic armed groups that NCA signatories formed the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC). All the groups will highlight about the common interests from national level political dialogue in their respective locations, which will be discussed at the second Panglong conference.

There will be 19 representatives from CNF to attend at Union Peace Conference 21st Century Panglong, and other 2 officials, 2 from ethnic represent and 4 for technical assistants will also be presented.

The details are as below:

Official Representatives:

  1. Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong (Vice Chairman- 2)
  2. Pu Thang Ning Kee (VCM-3)
  3. Salai Thla Hei (General Secretary)
  4. Dr. Sui Khar (AGS-1)
  5. Pu Thet Ni (AGS-3)
  6. Pu Ralhnin Hlawnceu (CEC)
  7. Pu Rokhawma (CEC)
  8. Col. Solomon (CEC)
  9. Pu Paul Sitha (CEC)
  10. Pu Ram Kulh Cung (CEC)
  11. Pu Bawi Lian Mang (CEC)
  12. Salai Biak Pum (CEC
  13. Col. Biak Ling (CC)
  14. Pu Thang Yen   (CC)
  15. Pu Lalramlawma (CC)
  16. Pi Nleng Kee (CC)
  17. Pi Cing Zam Vung (CC)
  18. Pi Lalhmangaihzuali (CC)
  19. Pu Vung Za Khai

Other Officials

  1. Rev. Tluang Ceu
  2. Pu Thang Shing

Ethnic Representatives

  1. Pu Nai Thoung
  2. Pu Victor Biak Lian 

Technical Assistants

  1. Nancy Dawt Chin Sung (Logistic Incharge)
  2. Capt. Khin Mg Lay (Documentation)
  3. Lt. Pan Tui (PSO)
  4. Lt. Sui Uk (Security)

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