CNF To Continue on NCA Path


The Chin National Front (CNF) agreed in a recent meeting of its leadership to keep moving forward in Burma’s current peace process, which centers on the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).

The decision was made at the CNF’s 10th Central Executive Committee members meeting held at its Camp Victoria headquarters from November 14-18.

Khonumthung News recently spoke to CNF General Secretary (3) Pu Thet Ni regarding this matter, who stated that there is no alternative path except for the NCA.

“CNF wants political negotiations and political dialogue. The NCA is a part of it,” he said. “Therefore, we will stand by it. We will keep going on the NCA path. Other EAOs [ethnic armed organizations]also have this opinion. Until today, there is no alternative path to the NCA path.”

The CNF, one of 10 signatories to the accord—which it signed in 2015—will try to seek common ground with both signatory and non-signatory groups.

“To move the peace process forward, we have to try both formal and informal approaches,” Pu Thet Ni said.

Currently, a major point of contention is a non-secession clause being discussed by the Burmese government and army, but largely objected to by ethnic armed organizations. The CNF said that it would need to discuss the issue with its people.

“The proposal of democracy and basic federal principles, which grant the rights of democracy, equality and self-determination, will be sent to government, Parliament, and Tatmadaw [military]and we will seek agreement,” he explained. “Then, CNF will try to get an agreement from the Chin people about the ‘non-secession’ issue.”


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