CNF survey for its army camp in Chin state


The Chin National Front (CNF) has sent a survey team to scout for land for its army camp sites and for families to resettle in Than Tlang Township, Chin state, Burma following an agreement between President Thein Sein’s government and the CNF.

Major Thawng Za Lian, a retired Burmese Army officer and a committee member of CNF’s Military Affairs, Major Solomon, secretary of CNF’s Military Affairs, Brigadier General Hrang Tin Thai, Army Chief of the Chin National Army (CNA), Colonel Than Thun, Second Army Chief of CNA, Second Lieutenant Khin Maung Lay and Secretary of family affairs made up the CNF’s survey team, said Major Solomon.

An engineer from Mizoram state of northeast India has been contacted for making arrangements to supply hydro electric power to CNA’s camp. He was invited to accompany the survey team. Village elders and village administrators were also involved.

“We plan to move at a specific time this year. It needs to be supported by local authorities and civilians,” Major Solomon said.

The survey team was welcomed by Tlanglo villagers of Than Tlang Township near the Indo-Burma border with dinner. A public consultation meeting was held in the village by CNF’s representatives of the survey team.

“I warmly welcome setting up camps of the CNA in our area. We will support CNA all the way,” said an elder in Tlanglo village.

The CNF was formed in 1988 to fight for self-determination rights of Chin people and it then set up the Chin National Army (CNA). It is based on the Indo-Burma border. At least 70 CNF soldiers died in action in the fighting between 1988 and 2012.


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