CNF supreme council meet secretly in USA


The first meeting of Chin National Front (CNF) supreme council members was concluded in Washington DC, USA. It was held between 22 and 24 February 2012.

Pu Za Hlei Thang, Chairman of CNF and a member of the supreme council, Pu Lian Uk, Vice Chairman-I, Salai Kipp Kho Lian, Vice Chairman-II, Pu Tang Nang Lian Thang, Vice Chairman-III attended the meeting along with eight other CNF supreme council members.

The meeting discussed the opening of the CNF liaison office in Teddim Town in Chin state following an agreement signed between the CNF and the Chin state government last month. This is being opposed by some Teddim people and Zomi Innkuan.

The CNF supreme council member’s meeting in a statement said on 23 February that the opposition of local people to opening the CNF liaison office in Teddim will be mediated by the CNF.

The meeting is the result of talks between CNF leaders and Zomi Innkuan representative in 16 January in Indianapolis, USA.

“The supreme council members meeting discussed the second phase of talks between the CNF and the government of the Union of Burma. Then we discussed the next phase of the transition process following cease fire with the centre,” said a regional CNF member from USA.

The Chin state Government level peace delegation and the CNF agreed on January 6 to closely cooperate to eradicate illegal poppy cultivation, drug business and drug smuggling in northern Chin State.

Local researchers told Khonumthung that illegal poppy cultivation has gone up in Ton Zang, Cikha, Sub-Township of Teddim Township and Teddim Township, northern Chin state.

The CNF was formed in 1988 to fight for rights of self determination of Chin people and for a federal system and democracy in Burma.


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