CNF sets up peace talk committee with 23 members


The Chin National Front (CNF) has set up a peace talk committee, comprising 23 party members for discussions relating to stability and peace in Burma with President Thein Sein’s government.

The committee was formed during the fifth Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting between 24 to 31 August.

Pu Za Hlei Thang, Chairman, Supreme Council of CNF and Pu Zing Cung, Secretary General, were selected as leaders of the committee. The 23 members of the committee were selected from the CEC, Central Committee, Supreme Council members and leaders of the Chin National Army.

The CNF in a statement after the meeting said that the committee was formed to transform the ceasefire agreement to political dialogue with the Central government of Burma.

The CNF statement said that the party discussed the approach for the second union level peace talks with the Burmese government. The party also decided the venue of the peace talks and ways to invite observers and media personnel for second union level peace talks.

“A public consultation programme will be conducted with Chin people to make them aware of our work plan and the party will garner public opinion,” said Salai Thla Hei, Foreign Secretary of CNF.

The meeting also discussed issues for the next Ethnic Nationalities Conference, CNF party and army issues, the CNF liaison office issue and discussed observations on the Chin ceasefire committee.

It is learnt that the second union level peace talks will be held between the CNF and Burmese government peace talk delegation on October, 2012.

The first phase of peace talks was conducted at the state level with the Chin state government and CNF on 6 January 2012 and union level peace talks was conducted between the two sides on 7 May 2012 in Hakha, the capital of Chin state. Khonumthung news


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