CNF protests offensive on KIO by the government


The Burmese government offensive against the Kachin Independent Army (KIA) was criticized by the Chin National Front (CNF).

CNF says in its statement on 5 January that peace and re-conciliation process of the Union of Burma will be affected if the offensive on KIA which is on since 9 June 2011 by the government does not stop. Hopes of peace in Burma will recede.

The CNF said that the war between the Burmese Army and KIA kills and maims many civilians. Around a hundred thousand civilians face uncertainty. They are being rendered homeless and becoming refugees.

The CNF has proposed to the central government during the second phase of peace talks on December 2012 to bring an end to its offensive against KIA. But the government keeps attacking the KIA. 

The CNF statement urged the government to stop its offensive on KIA and talk peace.

Similarly, the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) also said in a statement 1 January that the action of central government is contrary to solving the Kachin conflict by political means. U Aung Min, Vice Chairman of Burmese government peacemaking committee and UNFC leaders met.

The Union government has been criticized in failing in its agreement to stop the civil war by political means. But fighting between the two sides appears to have intensified in recent weeks, with the Burmese Army pounding the KIA base with helicopter gunships and jet fighters.

The KIA was formed in 1961 for Kachin people’s self- determination and on its demand for federal system in Burma.


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