CNF prohibits trade in precious flowers in Chin state


The Chin National Front (CNF) in a statement yesterday said that trade in forest produce including precious flowers has been strictly prohibited in Chin state, Burma.

The CNF in an order issued to the Chin people in order number 01/2013/Letter no. 01/10 following its executive members meeting resolved to protect precious flowers from being traded to other states and regions. The statement said such trading is causing rampant deforestation in the state.

“Orchid, rhododendrons and other forest species are being cut by traders in the state, so we issued an order to protect precious forest produce, ” said Colonel Solomon, Secretary of CNF military affairs.

The party also told people that the precious forest produce prohibition issue is to make people aware in Chin state.

Most of precious forest produce of Chin state are traded in China through Madalay, the second capital of Burma.

Wines are produced from Rhododendron flowers in Mindat Township of southern Chin state, that is why there is rampant deforestation in the region, said a local.

“A viss of fresh Rhododendron is being sold for 800 Kyats in the local market and produces wines. A bottle of Rhododendron wine is sold for 1000 kyats. Most rhododendrons are cut,” said Mr. Ngai Cia Thang, Secretary of CNF’s information department

The CNF had issued a statement in 1994-95 prohibiting trade in forest produce and wild animals specially tigers, elephants, gaurs, bears, monkeys and spider



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