CNF permitted to open business offices in Falam and Mindat




The Chin state government has given permission to open business offices to the Chin National Front (CNF) in Falam and Mindat towns on 9 June. A report said that CNF has submitted a plan to extend its business office in Falam and Mindat towns on 20 April to the concerned authority and now the government has permitted it.

“Business is a fruit of peace. We have to find out a convenient time,” said Solomon, Colonel of the CNF.

In Chin state, CNF has business offices in Rihkhawdar town, on the Indo-Myanmar border trade road and Paletwa town, and has liaison offices  in Tidim, Thantlang and Matupi towns currently.

During the peace process, Chin state government and CNF worked with Japan NIPON foundation for distributing rice on the Chin state border areas, and have worked with Denmark based Danida community group to supply computers and internet facilities to government high schools in  Chin state.


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