CNF organizing committee set up in Hakha


The Chin National front (CNF) set up an organizing committee in Hakha, capital of Chin state Burma on 21 September 2012.

A meeting was held to form an organizing committee by the CNF and the United Solidarity and Development Party, the Chin National Party, the National League for Democracy (Chin state), local social groups, the Shalom Foundation, Hakha Youth Organization. Rual U, Chin Peace and Tranquility Committee’s representative and media personnel attended the meet.

“We formed an organizing committee to facilitate talks between the central government and the CNF for the Chin people. The committee was formed so that people can participate in Burma’s transition to democracy,” said Pu H.C Ral Hnin, a member of the CNF supreme council.

Salai Van Chan Ceu from Shalom Foundation was selected Coordinator of CNF’s organizing committee and Pu Chan Hrem was made Assistant Coordinator. The committee was formed with a dozen members from various social groups and political organizations, said a local.

The USDP will send a representative to the organizing committee after the party’s committee meeting. But the Chin state NLD could not sent a representative.

Organizing committees were formed in Matupi and Than Tlang Town of Chin state, which has CNF’s liaison offices. Organizing committees for public consultation will be formed in Falam, Mindat and other towns of the state.

Public consultation meetings will be held by CNF authorities in other townships of Chin people from this month.


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