CNF names it’s new headquarter in Chin state


The Chin National Front (CNF) named its new Headquarter “Camp Victoria” in Than Tlang Township, Chin state, Burma following an agreement with the Centre to set up CNF camps in the state.

The name of the Headquarter was decided in a central committee meeting of CNF on 4 January.

“We decided on the name through majority votes at the meeting among nine names proposed,” said an officer of the Chin National Army.

The earlier Camp Victoria on the Indo-Burma border was abandoned due to pressure by the Indian government in 2005.

The new army camp of the CNF is set up in Than Tlang, Teddim Township and liaison offices have also opened in Teddim, Than Tlang and Matupi Town of Chin state after an agreement between the Central government and the CNF.

CNF was formed on 20 March 1988 and its army was trained in the Headquarters of Kachin Independent Army. And then Chin National Army camps were set up in the Indo-Burma border areas.


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