CNF liaison office opened in Teddim


A liaison office of the Chin National Front (CNF) was inaugurated in Teddim Town, Chin state, Burma yesterday in the final phase of the agreement related to peace talks between the government and CNF.

Pu Khua Uk Lian, Secretary General-III of CNF, Pu H.C Ral Hnin, Supreme council member, some executive members and a central member of the CNF attended the liaison office opening ceremony.

Colonel Zaw Min Oo, Border and Security Minister of Chin state, an administrator of Falam Township, Pu Tluang Ceu, a member of the Peace and Tranquillity committee and local people attended the ceremony. Pu Go Khen Nang was appointed in-charge of the CNF liaison office.

A public consultation meeting was held yesterday with around 300 local people including government officials in Kamhawng hall of Teddim town.

“Colonel Zaw Min Oo elaborated about the CNF’s liaison office and the process of the peace talks underway between the government and the CNF at the meeting,” said Salai Peter, a central committee member of CNF.

“I welcome the opening of CNF’s liaison office. It means that other armed groups will not encroach in our areas. We want peace in our area,” said a local from Teddim.

Meanwhile a demonstration was held to protest the opening of the liaison office by around 50 Teddim town locals yesterday.

Pu H.C Ral Hnin, a member of CNF’s supreme council addressed the office inauguration and said the policy of the CNF will be continued in the region even though some local people have protested.

Pu Thang Kim a city elder of Falam urged Chin people to unite on national issues, said Salai Peter.

A public consultation committee has been formed with local people, political party members and social workers in Than Tlang and Matupi where the liaison office of the CNF has been opened.

Primary level peace talks were held between the state government and the CNF in January 2012 and the first steps taken in May. The CNF has also been preparing to talk with the central government for the second phase in December 2012


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