CNF leaders invited to Chin cultural festival in Kalemyo


Leaders of the Chin National Front have been invited to the Chin cultural festival, Tho in local parlance, to be held in Kalemyo, Sagaing division, Burma between 26 and 29 October.

The Chin Tho festival is being held for the first time in Kale-Kabaw valley of Sagaing and Magwe divisions in Burma. The festival is being organized by the Laimi Funtomnak Bu (LFB), a social group of a Chin tribe led by Pu Enoch, who was an independent candidate from Sagaing division in Burma’s 2010 general election, said an organizing committee member.

“Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong, Pu H.C Ralhnin, CNF liaison office in-charge of Than Tlang Town and Dr. Sui Khar have been invited to attend the Tho festival by the organizing committee,” said a committee member.

During the festival, Chin wrestling and a dozen football teams will compete from surrounding villages of Kalemyo. Besides, competitions in Chin cultural dances and cultural songs will be held.

“We mainly focus on working towards unity among Chin people here. The Tho festival will be held for the first time in our area. The Chin National Day is held every year,” said an organizing committee member.

The LFB was formed with the idea of uniting Chin people of Kale-Kabaw valleys and any Burmese nationalities in the region, to promote good character of the people, to hold social occasions of joy or grief in the region and for peace.

It learnt that the Tho festival will be held with teeming crowds by the Chin people and with those living in different countries.


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