CNF forms organizing committee in northern Chin state


On August 6 a Public Consultation Organizing Committee (PCOC) was formed by the Chin National Front (CNF) in Than Tlang Town, where a liaison office of CNF is based.

Two members from each political party, social groups, town elders and members of religious groups of Than Tlang Town, Chin state are in the committee. There are 12 members in the committee.

A PCOC member told Khonumthung that the Than Tlang CNF liaison office authorities have called a meeting with USDP, NUP, CNP, NLD parties, YMCA, town elders, religious persons to form a committee for smooth functioning.

“About 160 people, including 10 women attended the PCOC meeting to form the committee. Discussions were conducted frankly among participants before forming the Public Consultation Organizing Committee,” said Pu Bawisum, the second in-charge of Than Tlang CNF liaison office.

Pu HC Ralhnin, CNF’s liaison office in-charge of Than Tlang stated in the meeting that the meeting was called to discuss about the public and CNF’s relationship. It had nothing to do with politics following the agreement between the government and CNF. We formed an organizing committee to monitor the public and CNF’s relationship.

Various groups urged the CNF that the committee should prohibit alcohol, and address public issues.

The first Public Consultation Organizing Committee was formed in Matupi and will operate from the office of CNF and then the PCOC will be formed in Falam and Hakha, the capital of Chin state soon. Khonumthung news


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