CNF economic and commerce office opens in Paletwa



A Chin National Front (CNF) liaison office has been opened on 19 October 2013 at Khumi literature and culture museum in Paletwa, southern Chin state.

At the opening ceremony, liaison office in-charge Pu Hla Tun, other officials of CNF, Church leaders and parents in Paletwa, totaling 20 were present.

In relation to the opening of the liaison office in Paletwa, Pu Hla Tun said that they had considered public interest and willing first had tried to avoid things that can cause bad affect to public by consulting  local people.

After the union level peace talks had been made with the central government, CNF has opened liaison offices in Tiau on border trade road (2), in Yangon and Paletwa town.

Under CNF liaison or business department, Konumtung company has been initiating to have better transportation in Chin state.

Besides, CNF has been providing computer and internet connection to all high school in Chin state with the help of Denmark government and providing foods to some part of Chin state with the support of Japan Nippon Foundation.



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