CNF conducts workshop related to public consultation


The Chin National Front (CNF) is conducting a workshop related to public consultation in preparation for a meeting  with Chin people in the middle of this month in Chin state western Myanmar.

The workshop began on 9 April and it mainly focuses on political and national concepts for public consultation.

“We’ll conduct meetings for the workshop for three days. It’s a kind of training for the trainers. After we finish we will make three groups for public consultations in three locations in Chin state,” said Pu Ngaih Chia thang, News & Information secretary of the CNF.

Pu Lian Uk, Chairman, Dr. Za Hlei Thang, former Chairman, Pu Zing Cung, General Secretary, top leaders, and military officers of the CNF, totalling 30 persons are participating in the workshop.

Pu Zing Cung, General Secretary pointed out that the purpose of going in for public consultations was to make Chin people participate and make them aware of the peace process with the help of talks between CNF and the Myanmar government which automatically involves Chin people for restoration of democracy in Myanmar and to create equality in the state.

During the opening of the workshop, the CNF chairman Pu Lian Uk said that now is  the most important time and all leaders have to give this priority for the benefit of nationalism.

The workshop will hold programmes of public consultation in three sub-townships and nine townships in Chin state. It will also go into how to conduct meetings for Chin people abroad and how to hold a conference based on Chin people’s will.


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