CNF completes emergency conference on Indo-Burma border


The Chin National Front (CNF) successfully concluded its emergency conference on the Indo- Burma border between December 12 and 16.

The emergency conference was held with around 150 Chin representatives from both inside and outside Burma. The conference collectively endorsed the resolution of the CNF to meet Chin state government officials in the first week of January next year. And then the party structure was reviewed and passed by the conference to strengthen its party’s armed wing.

“The conference representatives passed a resolution relating to CNF meeting Chin state government representatives next year, because the people of Chin state and the representatives want to usher in peace in the state and they respect the CNF conference resolution,” said a conference representative from inside Chin state.

“Its conference was very good because the previous officials of CNF had admitted to its weak points in the conference regarding their activities, ” said Salai Kip Kho Lian, the conference chairperson of the first day.

The conference has been conducted four times before and the party usually collects its party members only as conference representatives but now, Chin politicians, intellectuals, the representatives of various tribal groups of Chin state participated in the conference to unite all Chins to struggle for its national revolution.

“Particularly, leaders among Chin, intellectuals and the 1990 Burmese election representatives participated in the conference, and it was very different compared to earlier. They wanted to participate enthusiastically in our revolution,” said a representative of CNF conference.

“I think that it is the biggest success in our national revolution issue, because we reviewed our conference’s aims and objectives, said Mr. Solomon, a Colonel in the Chin National Army and a member of the conference’s organizing committee.

The conference statement said that the structure of the party will be led by the supreme council of CNF and the works of the central committee of CNF will be supervised by it.

Besides, the statement urged the new government of Burma and ethnic nationalities to start negotiations between the Burmese government and ethnic nationalities to pursue Union level peace talk for a stable peace process in Burma.

The CNF conference selected Dr. Za Hlei Thang as Chairman of The Supreme Council, Pu Lian Uk as Vice-Chairman-I, Salai Kipp Kho Lian as Vice- Chairman -II, Tang Nang Lian Thang as Vice-Chairman-II, Pu Zing Cung as Secretary General, Pu Paul Sitha as Joint Secretary-I, Dr. Sui Khar as Joint Secretary-II and Pu Khua Uk Lian as Joint Secretary-III, with a total of 46 Central Committee members.

The CNF has been fighting the Burmese government for Chin people’s self- determination, a federal system and democracy in Burma for over two decades.


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