CNF Chairman cannot speak at Chin University students meet


A report said that Pu Zincung, Chairman of Chin National Front (CNF) has not been allowed to speak at 19th Chin University Students Fellowship from 27 April to 2nd May 2017 at Bungtlang hall in Matupi, Chin state by higher authority.

Pu Zincung has arrived in Matupi town on 26th in order to discuss about current peace process in Myanmar at the fellowship program, invited by the student union. But the program was canceled by Mindat district administration group by the order of Home Ministry in Union government, said Salai Thang Lung, secretary of Myanmar Chin student union.

“We heard that they made excused on not mentioning panelist names in the program sheet. We didn’t know what exactly the reason clearly. The objection came from Midat district as district is under controlled by state, and state also is controlled by Union government,” he added.

Salai Thang Lung said, “CNF is now legal organization as they are one of signatories on NCA, and they have freedom to speak and travel, meeting with public as mentioned in NCA. This is the violation of NCA. We are very disappointed on what the government did. In fact, NCA is meaningless for us and we are very sad.”

In this regards, Salai Isaac Khin, Minister of Municipal in Chin state said, “One of the main reasons is that student union is not political party or group, if political group invite him we have nothing to say it. And if he gives address on CNF organizing meeting or conference, we have no word to say, but in this case the organizer is student union. As he is a top leader, his words and opinions have to be harmony with NRPC. In fact, the student union has to inform state government in advance, then government officials will ask the opinion of NRPC, if they have no objection we can arrange as per their invitation” to Khonumthung News.



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