CNF celebrates 25th anniversary of Chin revolution day


The Chin National Front (CNF) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of revolution day, today at its Victoria headquarters in Chin state.

The observation of the silver jubilee mainly recalls restoration of self-determination in a federal state, restoration of democracy and a Chin national accord with the establishment of the Chin National Front in 1988 on March 20.

The press released, highlighted that Chin people had to fight against British colonialism, partial administration in Burma that opposed a federal system and the Pinlong agreement. All this time they have been trying to project their birth right and national rights through generations.


The release also pointed out that the revolution will not end until self-determination and freedom is restored in Chin state. It stated that the Chin National Front will work actively to unite with other ethnic armed groups in Burma in order to have political dialogue and to restore a federal system in Burma.


The future revolution will mainly focus on the unity of Chin people, of all ethnics, and to usher in peace and security in the state drawing from the previous experience of 25 years of the revolution.


Chin National Front leaders, parents in Chin state and members of CNF from various countries attended.


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