CNF camp monitored by Myanmar Army


Victoria Camp, the Headquarters of the Chin National Army (CNA) which is located on the Indo- Myanmar border was monitored by the army personnel of Kalemyo, Sagaing division this month.

60 army personnel led by Lieutenant Colonel Kyaw Yin visited Van Zang village of Than Tlang Township, Chin state on 16 June and a group from Kyaw Yin visited Tlangpi village near Victoria camp on the same day.

The CNA personnel met the government army group in Tlangpi village and discussed security of both side, said a local from Tlangpi.

At the same time, some officials of the government army visited Victoria camp.

“It was to verify by the government’s army whether our camp is set up or not following the agreement between the CNF and central government of Myanmar” said Lieutenant Colonel Sang Lian Thang, a commander of CNA.

A report said that the government’s army has not been approached for Victoria camp through Hakha, the capital of Chin state and Than Tlang, but they approached the CNA camp directly from Kalemyo.

Setting up of camps of the CNA were agreed between the Chin National Front and the government during the peace talk process but the government did not permit setting up another camp by CNA.


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