CNF and Government sign agreement


An agreement was reached in the second phase of union level peace talks between the Chin National Front (CNF) and the central government at the Myanmar Peace Center, No. 11, Shweli Road in Rangoon, former capital of Burma between 7-9 December.

The agreement s are as follows:

–          Under Chin National affairs agreement (3) points – Chin national day has to be held on 20 February and it has to be a holiday. Chin state day has to be held on 3 January.

–          Under National reconciliation, human rights and environment agreement (3) points – To establish a Chin human rights committee, production of natural resources in Chin state has to given priority and the will of local      residents as per the method of free prior informed consent.

–          Under Military affairs agreement (7) points – The government has to inform within a month related with Chin national Front and Army to settle in seven locations of village tract groups in Chin state.

–          Under Development agreement (9) points – To develop communication and news media; Community Radio broadcasting has to be established. To provide basic needs like water, electricity, education and health. To promote tourism at least one advanced airport has to be constructed in Chin state.

–          Under Social and Cultural affairs agreement (7) – Chin vernacular language has to introduced at the primary level in schools in Chin state, and then it has to extend to a higher level. To have licence or permit for newspapers, journals, magazines, newsletter, radio, internet and television programs as well as associations or organisations formed by the public.

These agreements were signed by Pu Zing Cung and his 19 peacemaking committee members form Chin National Front (CNF), U Aung Min and his 10 peacemaking committee  members from the Government side and seven other witnesses on 9 December 2012.

Reports said that this peace talk has most attendees ever compared with other ethnic armed groups. Many participants came from inside and outside Burma.


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