CNDP selects candidate for Chin state by-election



The Chin National Democratic Party (CNDP) has selected Pu SiangMang as candidate for the by-election in Hakha township, Chin state, due in December 2014. The selection was made at the CNDP’s conference on June 1 by 160 representatives and Pu SiangMang will replace Pu Ngun Maung, National Parliament member recently appointed as Union Minister by the party.

“I want to do three things, to submit the needs of the public and state, things they cannot inform the President or higher authorities for  development.  The second is we have experience that some of the development work was limited during the 16 years of the military government.
I want to continue with developments which are essential for the state.

The third, other people cannot be aware of the needs of the Chin people and their homeland. We have to opt for self-determination and have to have unity among us. In reality, General Aung San did not love ethnic people and we should stand for our nationality as history has made
us a national party,” said Pu Siang Mang.

Pu SiangMang is a retired of school teacher and is working for the UNDP for 16 years in Hakha town with his family.


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