CMMT clarifies on ceasefire violation between government and CNF




The Chin Ceasefire Monitoring Team (CCMT) clarified 51 points of agreement between the government and Chin National Front (CNF) on 28 April in Hakha, Chin state western Myanmar. At the clarification meeting, Lal UK, Chairman of CCMT and Tluang Ceu, Secretary of CCMT spearheaded the discussion and the participants were Col. Zaw Min U, Minister of Border Security, U Mint Lwin, Superintendent of Chin state, Col. Ya Za Hla Nyint, LIB (266) Hakha based, Col. We Lin U, Col. Mint Zaw Thet, Security of Military and Col. Tan Zin U.

From the Chin National Front, Pu Khun Uk Lian, General Secretary (3), Col. Solomon, Biak Lian, Sang Lian Thang, Second Colonels, Pu Bil Cung, Thantlang liaison office deputy in-charge and Pu Mang Lai, Matupi liaison office deputy in-charge attended.

The survey of CCMT on ceasefire violation showed that CNF had violated four times while the government violated 10 times.


The violations were when government military troops had entered into CNF’s base camp area, the activities of other armed groups in Chin state, gun fights between the government’s military and other armed groups in Paletwa Township, eliminating illegal drugs in Chin state cooperation by government and the CNF.


Pu Bil Cung, deputy in-charge at the Thantlang liaison office said that entry of government military troops in the CNF base camp without prior information was violation of the agreement and the government has to keep to the agreement.


In this regard, Col. Zaw Min U, Minister of Border Security clarified that although it could be violation of the agreement, it cannot harm the peace process. Military personnel were not entering of their own volition but by the order of higher authorities, so it has to be discussed with the higher authorities.


The meeting is the first for the clarification of ceasefire violation between the government and CNF organized by CCMT.


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