CM rejects proposal to celebrate Chin National Day


The Chief Minister of Chin state, U Hung Ngai has summarily rejected a proposal to celebrate officially the 64th anniversary of the Chin National Day slated for 20 February, 2012. The proposal came from the Chin National Day OrganisingCommittee in Mindat town, southern Chin state.

The government would like tocelebrate it as the ‘State Day’.

“I was informed about this proposal by the Chin National Day Organising Committee over telephone saying that they had submitted a letter in the first week of this month to the Chief Minister for celebrating the  Chin National day officially, but the CM rejected the proposal and warned them not to get involved in such activity. The committee is disappointed at the response,” said Shane Thun, General Secretary (2) of the Chin Progressive Party.

He said it has to be discussed at the Union Parliament assembly session as the state Chief Minister rejected the proposal. Now we should appeal to the President. The rejection is akin to not recognizing the fight against colonization by ethnicnationals.

The Chin National Day was coined in 1950 in remembrance of the abolition of the landlord system by more than 5,000 participants of the first Chin National Conference in Falam town, Chin state in 1948.

The first Chin National Day was held in Mindat town in 1951 and the then Prime Minister U Nu and other ethnic ministers participated.

However, after the Burma Socialst Programme party led by U Ney Win assumed power in 1947, the Chin national Day was banned and it was renamed as the State Day. Khonumthung News


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