Classes Held in Tedim Township Churches After School Destroyed By Fire


Students in Tung Zan village in Chin State’s Tedim Township have been attending classes in local churches after their high school was destroyed in a fire this month.

The October 11 blaze consumed the school building and six houses, including five homes for government staff who are working as schoolteachers.   

Tung Zan high school principal Derl Pao told Khonumthung News that while the school is operating out of churches, the students still need learning materials and desks.

“Our students are attending their classes in three churches and in a primary school. We especially need learning materials and office supplies, including books, pens, pencils and desks. Everything was destroyed in the fire,” Derl Pao said.

The Chin State education department has provided cups and bottles for drinking water, blankets, pillows, mosquito nets, and rugs to those affected by the fire, according to the principal.

Chin State social welfare minister Pao Lum Ming Thang said that the government is set to build three houses for government staff, and 100 desks “soon.”

“Currently, classes must be open in a church on a temporary basis… we have to report the budget to the Union government for rebuilding the high school. The government will build it,” he explained. “It’s still okay to run classes in the church, but we need to build houses for the staff. Therefore, we prioritized building houses for them.”

There are total of 420 students studying at Tung Zan high school, located 18 miles from Tedim town.

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FACEBOOK: “We have to report the budget to the Union government for rebuilding the high school,” Chin State’s social welfare minister said, adding that since classes were being held in churches, the government was prioritizing rebuilding teachers’ houses.

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