Civil militia given charge of security to curb armed group


The Sinletwa, Paletwa township based army camp LIB 238 in Chin state has given security duty to civil militia from eight villages within its area from July to curb the activity of an armed group.

A report said that those who have already received military training from Shweleitwa, Kinwa, Lete, Daluwa, Sinoowa, Datuaichauh, Yayitaung and Yakan villages are posted in their own village for security duty.

“Six people in a group used to provide security duty every day. They specially watch the activity of the armed group,” said a militia personnel.

According to sources the Mara People’s Army (MPA) is active in these areas.  “If members of the armed group enter the village without arms they have to be arrested and sent to the military camp” said a villager.

There was a clash between the Burmese Army and Chin National Army in Sinletwa village on 17 February and a Burmese soldier was killed.

The Burmese military government started the training of civil militia in Chin state from 2010 before the elections. – Khonumthung News






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