Circovirus Kills Nearly 200 Pigs in Chin State in Two Months


The Porcine Circovirus Type-2 (PCV-2) had killed nearly 200 pigs in Chin States Thantlang Township over the last two months, and more expected to follow.

There is no effective vaccine to cure this disease. Even though we give injections of medicine to the pigs, it’s not really effective, Dr. Lian Bwi, who is the head of the livestock department in Thantlang, told Khonumthung News. What we are paying attention to is prevention, rather than trying to cure the disease.

The pigs began dying in the first week of April. After sending blood tests to a lab in Mandalay, the lab revealed that PCV-2 had killed the pigs.

Local authorities have launched an awareness campaign and distributed leaflets about the circovirus in Thantlang town, as well as monitoring pigs being transported in and out of the town.

We have put up posters in markets and crowded public areas, Dr. Lian Bwi said.

Pig owners have been urged to clean their farms daily.


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