CHRO requests authorities not to take action on demonstrators




The Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) in a statement has asked authorities not to take any action against the four women of Rizua town and four women of Matupi for arranging  demonstrations for ‘Women and Children’s  Protection’ on June 24  in Matupi town.

The demonstration was organized against a soldier, personnel No. 371850 under LIB (269) based in Rizua town, Matupi Township, Chin state, under the command of Colonel Aung Tu Win, for attempted rape of a Chin woman on June 10.
Women’s organization in Rizua town had sought permission to arrange  the demonstration on 15 June to Rizua police station, but it was rejected. Then, they had requested Matupi police station on 19 June again, but that too was rejected by the authorities.

However, the women organizations in Rizua and Matupi towns went ahead and organized demonstrations in Rizua town on 23 June and in Matupi town on 24 June.

The next day, on 25 June, the authorities filed a law suit against four leaders of Rizua Women’s organization, two women of Matupi Women’s Organization and two men from Matupi Youth leaders based on Article 18.

From Zotung Women’s Organization, Ngun Chin Par, Sui Sui Kyi, Kaw Htwe and Khin Khin Zi were produced in court on 22 June. Matupi women leaders Thang Zing, Khin Thluai and youth leaders Maung Han, Tei Mang are also under trial till date.

“They had informed me about conducting demonstrations in Rizua town and I had agreed with them to express their will freely as the government allows expressing freedom of rights,” said Pu Van Cing, State Parliament member, elected from the Matupi township constituency.


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