Chinese company agent cons Chin youths


A group of young Chins were persuaded in mid July by a plywood and footwear company agent based in Yunnan province in China to pay Kyats two lakh each for jobs.

A Chin national, an agent of the Chinese company persuaded the youths to pay up in Tamu and Khampat township of Kalemyo, Sagaing division.

“The young Chins believed the company agent, because he is also a Chin. 17 young Chins were recruited by the agent. The company will provide daily food expense to the company workers,” said a Kanan villager from Khampat.

It is learnt that the company workers have to sign an agreement for three months with the company owner before starting work. But some parents of the youths harboured doubts regarding the company, said a local.

“I never heard that a Chinese company recruited Chins, so I had doubts. The Chinese agent did not have permission to recruit workers,” said a local from Khampat.

Local people from Tahan, Khampat township of Sagaing division and Chin state, Burma are seeking jobs in India also because it is difficult to find jobs in Burma. Khonumthung News


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