Chin Youth Don’t Want Shopping Mall On Football Ground


Youth in Hakha, capital of Chin State, are opposing a shopping mall the government wants to build at the location of their football ground.

“I think the shopping mall should be built in another place instead of on the football ground,” Salai Van Cing Thang, chairperson for the Chin Youth Organization (Hakha), told Khonumthung News.

The youth leader said there are many other areas around Hakha where there’s free land.

The government wants to build the mall on Ralmong football ground in Myo Thit ward.

Salai Van Cing Thang told Khonumthung News they aren’t against building the shopping centre but they just don’t want to lose the area where they like to play football.

Chin State government officials, including the municipal minister, met with locals on January 29 to discuss the matter but an agreement couldn’t be reached.

“We will hold another meeting with the youth and other members of the community this month. If we can come to a mutual agreement, we will build the mall. However, if we can’t agree then we won’t build it,” said Soe Htet, minister of municipal affairs.

There are plans to build a new football field in another location, the minister said.

“I think the shopping mall should be built near the main road. It’s impossible to build the shopping mall at an isolated location,” Soe Htet explained.

The minister said the public should welcome the shopping mall; it will be built by a private developer at a price tag of 28 billion kyat.


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