Chin Women’s Group to Launch Feminist Insights to Bible


By Lalnun – The Ninu Women in Action Group will release a book this weekend taking a feminist approach to the Christian Bible.

“From the God of Abraham to the God of Ha’gar,” the book will be launched at the office of the Matupi Women’s Organization in Matupi, Chin State on February 2.  

Mai Len Nei Cer, director of Ninu, said that gender-based discrimination persists among Christians. The aim of the book, she explained, is to encourage Christians to discuss these issues and re-study the Bible with this in mind.

“Men wrote the Bible. Men translated the Bible. Most pastors are men too,” Mai Len Nei Cer pointed out. “If women study this book, they will understand what God really would like to say. After that, gender discrimination will be reduced in Christian churches. I hope that gender equality will be reached eventually,” she said.

“From the God of Abraham to the God of Ha’gar” is a collection of essays by Chin religious figures and pastors, all approaching the Bible from a feminist perspective.

The book will be sold in remote areas rather than in town, and will cost 3,000 kyats. Ninu Women in Action Group also published “Women As the Other” in 2018, which reported on Chin customary practices and the impact on women.


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