Chin University Students to Hold Festival in Mindat


Chin university students from around Burma will hold their 21st annual students’ festival in the southern Chin State town of Mindat on April 25-29.

The festival, which is held at a different location in the state each year, aims to promote solidarity and mutual understanding among students from the many different Chin sub-groups.

“Our objective is to have good friendship, unity and solidarity among Chin students,” Salai Thang Naing, the chairman of the Mindat University Students’ Union, told Khonumthung News.

“We have many different small tribes, so we mostly focus on our own region and our own tribe. That’s why we need to create unity and solidarity among us. Our aim is to achieve unity among Chin people by starting with the unity of Chin students,” he said.

Festival organizers have also invited students from the Mizo Zirlai Pawl, or Mizo Students’ Association, in India’s Mizoram State to participate in the event.

According to the Mindat University Students’ Union, which will be hosting the festival this year, around 500-800 students are expected to attend.

In addition to stage shows, sporting contests and performances of traditional dance, a panel of Chin experts will discuss various issues of importance to Chin students, including student affairs.


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