Chin university student killed in motorcycle accident In Pakkoku


A 26-year old, university student was killed in a motorcycle accident between Pauh town of Magwe division and Mindat Town of Chin state, Myanmar on 10 June.

Salai Yaw Bu died on the spot in the crash between a route bus and the motorcycle. The accident occurred when the motorcyclist was headed for Kyopyan village from Pakkoku, Magwe division.

The accident occurred between Kanma and Kyopyan village highway while the route bus was headed towards Pakkoku from Mindat Town and the motorcyclist was headed to Kyopyan village from Pakkoku.

“Salai Yaw Bu was a Pakkoku University student. The accident occurred while he was riding his motorcycle to attend classes. He died of head injuries and his hands were fractured,” said Salai Bawi Cho Thang, a secretary of the Pakkoku United Christian Fellowship.

A report said that the incident was not being investigated by the authorities. The funeral was in Mindat on 12 June.

Members of the Chin Culture and Literature Committee and United Christian Fellowship (Pakkoku) attended the funeral service.

Salai Yaw Bu was a final year student of Mathematics in Pakkoku University from Mindat Town in southern Chin state.


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