Chin student’s Union formed in Kalemyo


A Chin Student’s Union (CSU) was formed in the tenure of the new government of Burma on 4 March.  It follows the Taungphila declaration issued by various Chin students to form a union for students on 20 February 2012.

The students union was formed legally at the Youth Centre of Sanmyo block, Kalemyo, led by the sub-committee of Chin Culture and Literature Committee and the Chin people according to the Taungphila declaration.

The union will work for students’ rights and will be an independent union to support the Chin Culture and Literature Committee (CCLC)’s movement. The union undertakes to form a student’s union at the Burma level, fight for university and college student’s rights, to educate all students in Burma and to establish equality, justice, a federal system and democracy in Burma.

The new union statement on 4 March said that the union will support the national movement of Chin people.

The statement added that future student’s movements for democracy in Burma will be a non-violent movement.

“The Union will be registered with the government. A decision was taken to establish a students’ union in Burma and we will make a Union Centre at the country level,” said a spokesperson of CSU.

The CSU was formed with nine members under the general secretaries’ control of different sub-committees of CSU by different representatives.

Mostly, Chin students attended in Kalemyo, Sagaing division and Pakokku, Magwe division of Burma. Khonumthung news


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