Chin Students Encouraged to Apply for University Scholarship


The Hills Education organization and the Chinbridge Institute have announced they will give financial support to Chin students who recently passed their high school matriculation exams but cannot afford to continue their studies at Kalay University in Sagaing Region.

“We are trying to make their dreams come true,” Van Cung Lian, the director-general of the Chinbridge Institute, told Khonumthung News. “Scholarship award-winning students will not only get a grant, they will also get other capacity building and skills. Our objective is to make Chin students become experts, academics or professionals in the future.”

Two scholarships will be awarded for 2019—one is open to women, and the other is open to both men and women. Applicants must have passed their high school matriculation exam, and be first-generation university students. 

Applicants can apply for the scholarships through The Hills Education until July 31.

Those selected for the award will receive a grant for four years, but must choose majors from among the following subjects: geography, history, philosophy, Burmese literature, English, or Asian studies.

Van Cung Lian said that his organization would try to provide more scholarships in the coming years. The Chinbridge Institute was formed in 2017, and it carries out research projects and implements training. The Hills Education was formed the same year, and works with international researchers to foster the same skills in Chin students.


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