Chin State Woman Detained in Mizoram Rejects Accusations of Theft


By Moe Kyaw – A woman from Chin State charged with illegal entry to India in the border state of Mizoram says that she left Burma fearing for her personal security—others say it was to avoid paying a debt.

Tuan Kil, who is being detained in Aizawl’s central prison, appeared in court on Monday and spoke to Khonumthung News about the circumstances that led to her arrest on October 24.

Tuan Kil has been accused by a man named Dr. Shur Hein of borrowing—and not repaying—400 million kyats (more than US$250,000) and of fleeing the country to avoid repercussions. She denies this claim.

“He accused me of swindling a large amount of money and filed for interest. He has accused me of cheating,” she said.

The reason she fled to India, Tuan Kil explained, was out of fear for her own safety following the allegations, and said that she had received death threats.

“There is no other reason except my security. Currently, it’s safe in Mizoram. If I go back to Burma, it’s very dangerous for me,” she told Khonumthung News.

Khonumthung reached out to Dr. Shur Hein but was unable to obtain comment from him at the time of reporting.

It remains unclear if the Indian authorities will transfer Tuan Kil to Burma. According to a relative, Pu Chang The, she has people advocating for her release from detention.

He also confirmed that her life was in danger if she were to be deported.

“We spoke frankly to the lawyer and judge about her security concerns,” Pu Chang The said.


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