Chin State Spokesperson Ready for Chief Minister Position


Soe Htet, a spokesperson for the Chin State government, said he’s ready to assume the role of chief minister for the state should the National League for Democracy (NLD) decide to appoint him.

The incumbent party appears to have won 36 of Chin State’s 39 constituencies in yet another landslide victory, both in state and nationally.

“I’m trying my best to serve our people and our state,” Soe Htet explained. “I have both domestic and international experience. I understand what our region needs. If the government appoints me, I am prepared for the position.”

Some predicted on social media that he would be handed the position of the chief minister when the NLD begins its second term in office next March.

Soe Htet said it’s hard for civilians to travel to conflict-affected areas in southern Chin State, but as a government representative it’s his duty, “I was shot when I was traveling through Paletwa. It is really difficult to make peace and development in this area. What we need is time and dialogue with all stakeholders. And to provide them with the assistance they need.”

Soe Htet contested Constituency-1 in Paletwa Township in the recent election, defeating Nan Sike of the military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

In 2018, Soe Htet was appointed minister of development, electricity and industry by NLD.


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