Chin state Municipal election will hold in the end of September


A report said that the Municipal election in Chin state will be held in the end of September 2016 in all townships at one time.

Salai Isaac Khin, Minster of Municipal said that there will be seven persons in a groups for municipal committee in each township in Chin state, then people will elect four out of seven persons by election directly and the rest three persons will be appointed by the state government directly.

“There will be four voting constituencies in each town and the locals will vote directly for the candidates in each their township. We had already done many preparations for that,” he added.

A person has to be filed his name for the nomination list before the deadline of election, and the candidate will not be directly elected by elders, general administrator and municipal authority as before.

The government will co-working with four civil societies – Peace Myanmar Institute, New Myanmar Foundations, Pyupin and Hornbill Organization for the election of Municipal in Chin state.


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