Chin State Govt Offering Land Sales By Lucky Draw


The Chin State government will sell plots of land from the Hakha Urban Project to residents of Hakha Township by lucky draw.

“We started selling land plots to locals yesterday (July 1),” says Soe Htet, spokesperson for the Chin State government. “We’re selling to 437 families who don’t already own land and have lived in Hakha for more than 10 years.”

Families who win the draw can buy land plots of 100 ft x 100 ft, 80 ft x 80 ft, 80 ft x 60 ft and 60 ft x 40 ft from the government.

It will cost 15 million kyats (US$10,880) to buy 100 ft x 100 ft, 80 ft x 80 ft will be 9 million kyats (US$6,528) and 5 million kyats (US$3,627) for 60 ft x 40 ft. Payments can be made in installments over a period of three to ten years.

“We will build a concrete road, an irrigation canal, a wall and provide water and electrical services,” says Soe Htet.

The government will spend 5.5 billion kyats (US$4m) on this project. The costs are high, Soe Htet says, explaining that while some money was recouped from land sales currently the government has less than 3 billion kyats (US$2.2m) on hand. Therefore he says “we can’t reduce the cost of land for buyers.”

Hakha Urban Project has 675 acres. The government has designated 800 plots on 371 acres and 305 acres still unaccounted for. If the project is completed, it will accommodate 1,000 families or 5,000 people.

The government removed about 100 illegal houses from the project site in 2019.


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