Chin State Govt Appeals to China for Infrastructure Assistance


China’s ambassador to Burma met the Chin State government last week in Hakha to discuss China-backed transportation and hydroelectric projects.

H.E. Hong Liang met with the state government delegation on the evening of October 11 in his first trip to Chin State, before leaving the following day.

“We mainly discussed assistance for upgrading roads. Our roads are really bad…they said that the roads need to be upgraded,” U Soe Htet, a Chin State government spokesperson and municipal minister, told Khonumthung News. “They have been building the [New] Silk Road for expansion of their businesses. They said they will help us if they are able to.”

He added that the Chin State government explained to the Chinese ambassador that the state’s current priority is the development of the transportation and electricity infrastructure.

“If Myanmar becomes a federal democratic country in the future, our state must stand on its own, so our state needs money,” U Soe Htet said. “That’s why our government has tried to generate enough electricity through hydropower projects. After the Chin State government explained this, [the Chinese delegation]replied that they have a lot of experience generating electricity from hydropower projects. They said they would help us.”

Also discussed in the meeting was the development of the tourism sector, loads for small and medium-sized enterprises, and assistance in in producing value-added products from local raw materials.


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