Chin State government will strict on tender for contract work


A report said that Chin state government will review all the tender works in past years and the company who got many complaints on their works may not get another tender for contract work during 2016-2017 financial years.


“We’ll check the quality first, then the properties of each company. Lastly, we’ll give first priority to local company as per requirement. The main thing is work quality,” said Isaac Khin, Minister of Municipal, Power and Energy Department.


In 2015-2016 financial years, government had called tender for the works of road, bridge and department building construction to companies. The works of some companies were not qualified the standard quality of contract works.


“Some works were not acceptable when comparing with budgets. The reason may be the government’s officials had not made any field visit for checking the works of company,” said an official of Rihpanthisa Company.


At the meantime, some company cannot accomplish their tender for contract work as hiking commodities and bad of transportation in remote areas Chin state.


There are more than 100 companies in Chin state.


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