Chin state government warns not to retain armed without license


Pu Suny Than Cung, Chief Judge of Chin state urged Chin people who have no armed license to hand over their hunting guns to concern department, if not they can be imprisoned for 7 years without bail according to the Chin Act Law.

“According to Chin act law, there is the right to hold armed in Chin state, but no more armed license are produced now. 75% of people in villages are holding hunting guns without license while the parliament urged to protect wild animals in Chin state. Therefore, the villagers should not hold the guns, but to hand over it to police department or should throw it away,” he said.

A local, armed holder said, “I used to renew my armed license annually, it charges 1500 Kyats,” to Khonumthung News.

Most of the villagers hold 12 or 16 bore guns and local made guns without license in Chin state for hunting as Chin people believed that at least one gun has to be kept in a house to honor it; while some say it caused to extinct some wild animals in Chin state.


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