Chin state government warns illegal settlers in Sihzang reserve forest area again


The Chin state government has made a letter of warning again to the illegal settlers in Sihzang reserve forest area those who are assumed as refugees from Bualpi village, in order to leave the area recently.

“The leader of illegal settlers from Bualpi, U Hau Za Nang is custody and other people are also asking some questions. It is better to leave the place and back to their own place before the state government take action to them,” said Salai Isaac Khin, Minister of Municipal, Power and Electricity.

In fact there are 361 houses in Bualpi in Chehkan village western Kalaymyo, but the exact dwellers are 180 only. Most of the lands were purchased by the locals in Kalaymyo and Falam townships.

“We cannot accept the system of purchasing land as most of the locals wanted to have more profit from their own land or houses and to get another new locations in government’s reserved area. However, our new government will not accept such kind of matters,” he added.

Meanwhile, one of the residents said, “We would like to shift to Yangon, Mandalay or Kalamyo if we are not refugees from natural disaster. In fact, we had faced landslide, flood and other difficulties and there is no building, no cultivation land under the government here, that’s why we are here.”


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