Chin state government issues license to sell alcohol


Chin state, Myanmar authorities have permitted selling of alcohol in its townships. Licenses are being issued to the public from this month.

The first phase of the license to sell alcohol is valid for six months in Matupi town, the second capital of Chin state. The license costs 17 lakh Kyats. A license buyer has to pay Kyat 2.5 lakhs to the state government, said a local in Matupi.

“However, there is no official date set in the state, it could be September. The license is being issued from the Township General Administration office. We don’t know how much the cost in the second phase of the license to sell alcohol for Matupi Township will be” he added.

The license will be given to seven persons in Matupi town directly from the office. Of these, all persons are in Cangbawng and Khuaboi blocks in Matupi.

The license holders can open wine shops from 10 am to 6 pm, in accordance with government rules and coinciding with office hours. They are prohibited from selling to people less than 18 years of age.

However, no one can sell alcohol in the state expect license holders, but if illegal selling continues, the authorities will take action.

The state government is issuing limited license fare (revenue) for each township in a year – accounting for 35 lakh Kyat for Matupi Township, 50 lakh Kyat for Mindat and 100 lakh Kyat for Hakha town.

Selling of alcohol was prohibited in Matupi Township during the period 2004-2007 under the military junta as many youths died due to alcohol abuse and irresponsible behaviour. So, all members of Christian Churches in Matupi had purchased the licenses from the government and they did not sell alcohol to the public. They paid 25 lakh Kyats as revenue to the government every year from 2009 to 2011, but now the revenue targeted has been increased and the churches cannot afford it anymore.

In the meantime, many parents in Matupi Township are concerned about their young ones because the license to sell alcohol is being given from this year.


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