Chin state collects tax on Gamoan


Chin state authorities have imposed tax on the cultivation of Gamoan, a produce akin to ginger but derived from orchid and lily families. Local people in Chin state, Burma are into Gamoan cultivation on a self help basis.

“Gamoan is planted on hillsides like paddy. Tax is being collected for cultivation on a self help system,” said a local from Paletwa Township, Chin state.

Mr. Soe Thein, the head of the forest department and township administrator instructed his second lieutenants Lawm Khu Na and Shwe Kyaw to collect tax on Gamoan. Tax collection began from 19 March 2012 in the region.

“Tax is being collected on Gamoan at 25 percent a viss in Kungpin village of Paletwa. We have two Gamoan collectors and the authorities collect 30,000 Kyats per head. Gamoan sells for 2000 Kyats in the local market,” said a local.

The head of the forest department and township administrator issued instructions to collect tax on Gamoan in Paletwa Township.

In Paletwa area Gamoan cultivation is common, and the previous regime collected taxes illegally leading to people suffering from starvation in the region.

Gamoan grows in the forests also. Local people collect it to sell to buyers, who in turn sell to China through Pakkuku and Mandalay without paying any taxes to the Burmese government. Khonumthung news


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