Chin state authorities unresponsive to Hluttaw office demand


The administrative office of Than Tlang has not responded yet to an application to open an office for Hluttaw representative’s in Than Tlang Town of Chin state, Burma. The application was made on 16 October.

An application was submitted to the township administration by Pu Lal Muang Cung, state Hluttaw representative and a member of the Chin National Party (CNP) on behalf of Than Tlang Township’s Hluttaw representatives.

“We had asked for permission on 25 October to open an office. But they have not responded till now. The office is meant for all Hluttaw representatives of Than Tlang Township,” said Pu Lal Muang Cung.

The office will help host meetings about Township development and political issues. The application letter’s copy was also sent to Chief Minister of Chin state and state Hluttaw Chairman.

Four Hluttaw representatives won the 2010 Burmese general election from different constituencies of Than Tlang Township. They are, Pi Za Tlem, state Hluttaw from CNP, Paul Than Thai, Amyotha Hluttaw, Pu Lal Muang Cung, State Hluttaw and Pu Roben, state Hluttaw.

The Chin Progressive party won 11 seats, CNP got 9 seats, and one seat went to the Ethnic Nationalities Development Party. A total of 21 seats were won of 39 seats in Chin state constituencies in the 2010 election. Khonumthung news


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